First thing’s first – you’re here for a home inspection. If you’re viewing this page, you want to know if Top Marks Home Inspections knows what they’re doing, will conduct business in an honest and straightforward manner, and is going to help you figure out what you need to know to purchase a home.

I make our pricing as simple as possible and put it right on the website so you know what you’re getting immediately, and with the utmost transparency. I’m also certified by both the state (#73707) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI #20052615).

I started Top Marks Home Inspections with a desire to provide a service people can trust, and so that I could run things the way I want them to be run – with honesty and transparency. I’m a happy guy that likes to joke around, but when it comes to home inspecting, I have a personal policy of no nonsense. I understand this is one of the most important purchases most people make in their lives, and I will be in your corner, treating the situation as I would want it to be treated if the roles were reversed. As a home inspector, it’s my job to give you the information you need to purchase your home with confidence. I thoroughly inspect every home as if my Mother was buying it (and at Top Marks Home Inspections, we love our Mothers).

I’m from Arizona, I grew up here, and I love it here. I’ve moved away many times, but somehow always found myself back here again. I’ve lived in several cities and towns throughout the state, and explored much of what it has to offer (although, it seems, there’s always something new to discover). Ultimately, I decided there was just no other place for Top Marks Home Inspections than beautiful Arizona. I love the people here, and want to make them proud by representing them with the honor and trustworthiness they deserve.

– Danny Marks, Owner